General// 24 Nov 2020

Creating Your Perfect Home Office

For the good majority of the Victorian population, the home office has become the new norm in 2020. With many businesses adhering to Government advice, their employees have had to make their home their office.

Some say they prefer a home office to the hustle and bustle of a crowded space, but whatever side of the fence you sit on, you need to consider how to make the best use of your home space in order for a home office to work.

Maple Living townhomes are designed for real 2020 lifestyles; many offer a tidy study nook tucked away, a separate office room, or have plenty of secondary living space perfect for setting up a work station in an otherwise shared space.

With all this in mind, here are a few things to consider when creating an office at home;


How do you work?

Maybe you are the type of employee who likes bright lights and lots of noise so that you feel you are back amongst your peers, or maybe you work better in a nice quiet, dark space with minimal distractions.


Pick your spot

Choose the best location in your home where you think you will be most productive. You might want to be at the rear of your home in your study nook, away from any street noise, or maybe that’s exactly what you need to work and so the shared dining space is ideal - just decide on which environment works best for you.


Should you desk it?

Not everyone needs a desk to work. Some like to stand as they work, others prefer a comfy chair and a laptop in their lap. Decide which is best for you, and if you do need to invest in a desk, remember to measure the space where you want to work from and if you’re a frugal person, then there’s plenty of quality second-hand desks that be found for cheap.


Power & Light

Light is always important when staring at a computer screen all day. If your chosen space is in a bright spot in the home then you are fine, but if your space lacks natural light then maybe it’s time to invest in a nice bright lamp.


Purpose-designed study spaces in Maple Living townhomes offer easy access to power outlets, however, if your study nook or workstation doesn’t have this, it may also be time to invest in extension cables – just ensure these are set up safely.

The year we have had has proven home is king. If your home isn’t equipped for your modern 2020 lifestyle, contact the team at Maple Living here to find out how easy it is to secure the ideal home designed to fit your life.

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