A Weekend In Sunbury – The Country Charm

Many travel around the world exploring nature’s instinctive beauty, musing the possibilities that the world has to offer. Yet, sometimes, the possibilities are simply at fingertips reach. There is no need to look across the globe, the Kingsfield Estate in Sunbury has a flavourful charm, mounted with endless opportunities for you and your family. We’ve sorted out your first weekend in Sunbury…


Wake up to nature’s alarm and head out for a scenic run through the beauty of Sunbury’s natural parklands. Grasp the picturesque view of the Macedon Ranges and the CBD from the infamous Emu Creek and enjoy the mesmerizing peace Sunbury has to offer!

Need your coffee fix? Rumour has it Sunbury has become a haven for coffee lovers! Head over to Stringers Saba Bespoke Coffee and enjoy the country attitude that Sunbury has to offer!

After refuelling and relaxing in Sunbury’s promises, why not head out for an early lunch at The Spotted Owl? Notorious for their incredible breakfast and lunch, The Spotted Owl have poured a little bit of inner-Melbourne into their services. Get the CBD fix without the travel!

Settle your afternoon with a round of golf or a gentle stroll through Kingsfield Estate’s wetlands. Enjoy nature’s whisper at the Growling Grass Frog Conservation Reserve, nestled perfectly within the heart of the Estate.

Now is the time to wind down, pour a glass of wine and bask upon the panoramic sunset along the Sunbury horizon from your Maple Living home. Stretch your legs, turn on your favourite movie, savouring the day’s events and preparing for another wonderful day in Sunbury, tomorrow.

Get that coffee brewing using your Maple Living Nespresso Machine gift. Wake up to the whistles of Kingsfield Estate’s native residents with a gentle inhale of Sunbury’s fresh, clean country air to kick start your Sunday.

Get your body moving with a refreshing swim at Sunbury’s Aquatic and Leisure Centre, or, maybe you are looking for a fresh start to achieve your fitness goals? Get your fitness up and running with personal training services offered at the centre!

Need to organize lunch? Head to Kingsfield Estate’s Reserve and Sunday Market for all your fresh produce and groceries!

Is it time to discover the history of your own backyard? The Sunbury area is ripe for exploration! With many historical places to see, and plenty of country life to delve into. Teamed up with a recognised local arts trail and the title of one of Victoria’s oldest wine regions, Sunbury’s history is one to uncover.

End your day with a nice glass of wine from Craiglee Vineyard, only a four-minute drive from your doorstep. You don’t need to end it there! Finish off your evening with the most luscious gelati from Augustus Gelatary. A simple, sweet conclusion to your weekend in Sunbury’s Kingfield Estate.

This is a mere glimpse of the incredible weekends you can embark upon. Kingsfield Estate promises the ‘holiday experience’ in the comfort of your own Maple Living home.

The endless opportunities of Sunbury – where the sun shines, even on a rainy day.


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