Investing Into Ideal Locations

When it comes to choosing your future home, many factors are important to consider. One of the most important of these factors is location.

The location of your home will impact your investment in many ways. From enjoyable evening strolls through green parklands and local amenities at your doorstep, to capital growth potential and resale value, your location defines your lifestyle and can make or break the overall experience in your new home.

This is amplified in off-the-plan purchases within fresh estates, where you’re investing into the growth of the area around your new home.

Maple Living have a stringent process for determining the location of our homes. Our specialist teams are continually searching for opportunities that meet our criteria, ultimately serving our clients to deliver quality homes within masterplanned locations that are perfect for young families and downsizers.

Every Maple Living project is analysed in detail and deliberately selected based on a number of factors, with three of the main factors including Community, Convenience & Corridors.

Sunbury’s Kingsfield Estate Masterplan – homes nestled within leafy streets with shops, schools, open parklands, tracks, and more, all within walking distance.


Communities exist in many forms and play an important role in our friendship groups, mental health, and overall happiness in life.

When it comes to choosing your future home, a strong sense of community makes a vast difference in creating a happy and fulfilling lifestyle for you and your loved ones, mitigating the stresses of daily life and creating a sense of belonging.

A masterplanned community seamlessly integrates social interactions into everyday life, with community centres, local amenities, parklands, sporting clubs, walking tracks and more at every corner.


Providing easy access to daily necessities simplifies life, and is a major factor when choosing a new home. Masterplanned estates integrate convenience into the area, with central business districts providing shops, schools, cafes, medical facilities, and more right at your doorstep.

An abundance of parklands, walking tracks, and sporting facilities provide you with the opportunity to create a healthy lifestyle while exploring the natural beauty close to home.

And with major freeways and public transportation links within close proximity, you’ll be at your destination in no time, leaving you more time to enjoy the amenities of your local community.


As cities continue to rapidly expand, the demand for affordable housing in areas that are accessible to employment opportunities and amenities has skyrocketed.

Melbourne’s Growth Corridor Plans offer strategic direction for the delivery of key housing, employment and transport infrastructure, with the four growth corridors expected to accommodate close to half of Melbourne’s new housing over the next 40 years 1.

Purchasing a home in a Growth Corridor or future town centre precinct means you’ll live in a well-planned neighbourhood that features new and high-quality amenities, employment opportunities, and strong capital growth potential.

Melbourne’s Four Growth Corridors:

When it comes to the location of your new Maple Living home, you can be assured it’s been deliberately chosen by our specialist teams.

With a focus on Community, Convenience & Corridors, you’ll be investing not only into a quality built home that will serve you and your family for generations to come, but also into the growth of the surrounding areas.

Ultimately, the Maple Living promise of a Home Built With Heart will be reflected in your new location, leading to more memories, experiences and enjoyment.

To learn more about our current projects, or for more information on the locations that we build, get in touch with our team today.


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