Supporting Local Community Clubs

Local sporting clubs have certainly felt the challenge experienced by what seemed to be an endless recurrence of lockdowns and restrictions. There has been a great deal of uncertainty surrounding local clubs and when they could get back out onto the field, doing what they love. One thing is for certain though – Maple Living has continued to back our local sports clubs through these difficult times and are proud to hold a firm foundation with each club.

Supporting and developing our communities is a big part of the Maple Living brand, and we strive to provide our younger generation with the opportunities to excel, and that’s why Maple Living has made a commitment to each of their sponsorships: Avondale FCBurnside Heights FCEast Sunbury FC and Clyde Cricket Club.

We are extraordinarily proud of everything Maple Living has achieved since its establishment and its ongoing relationship with each local club. We have created a secure, successful, and reputable enterprise upholding our core principles and values with the community, and what we have learned from our community relationships has represented every decision we have made because at the heart of Maple Living, is every person and every relationship we hold.

Maple Living is passionate about investing in grass-root sports and getting kids out onto the field. Our drive to keep kids as active as possible and away from social influences is evident in our willingness to support and sponsor. Securing these sponsorships means more opportunities for kids and teens, accompanied with further possibilities for future endeavours.

With government restrictions easing, our clubs are getting their boots ready for an epic upcoming season. After so long, it is time for our kids to get back onto the field and have the time of their lives. With all the noise and excitement, you can guarantee that the team at Maple Living will be by their side, cheering them on every step of the way.


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