The Market’s Changed, But We Haven’t: Overcoming The Uncertainty

As supply costs continue to increase, the expenses involved in constructing a new home has surged in Victoria more than in any other state. This has triggered a rising number of business concern and placed hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of developments on hold, delaying the projects and dreams of many homebuyers. The surging costs have added a new dimension to the many financial and professional pressures in the present environment.

Despite the concerns and uncertainty, the Maple Living deal remains. Our promise is that even though the construction climate has fluctuated, we are here to deliver the product exactly how it was intended to be – from the moment you sign the contract, until the moment we hand you the keys to your home.

“Our clients are more than just purchasers of our product, they become part of the Maple Living family and brand and we are proud of our clients representing our product and living in the creation of a home, not merely a house” – Directors of Maple Living

Aware of the market’s current fears, we will continue to stabilise your concerns and reassure you every step of the way that our promise is to deliver the home of your dreams. Your purchase through Maple Living guarantees excellence, quality, and service and we are looking forward to persevering through the current industry obstacles and seeing the Maple Living product come to fruition.

“As long as our clients are confident in this promise, our delivery will never be compromised” – Directors of Maple Living

Our language is trust and we wish to bolster this language in every Maple Living client. We do not look toward the market instabilities, but instead, focus on our promise. Maple Living reassures our clients that our journey continues as it first commenced with strength, quality, and purpose, and we look forward to seeing our developments shine a little brighter with the presence of our clients living within its walls.

Maple Living – Homes Built With Heart


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