Why A Townhome Might Be A Better Choice For Your Family

Homeownership is changing in Australia; we are no longer bound to a traditional standalone home with all of the costs and maintenance associated with its day to day upkeep. Instead, more and more Australians are considering townhomes as a better option for their modern lifestyles.

Demand for townhome stock has grown in Victoria by around 120% over a six-year period, and with so many benefits to townhome living, it makes sense as to why so many families are exploring this option.

Townhomes typically offer the space and privacy of a standalone house, providing plenty of room for a family to live comfortably. Living spaces are generally shared across several levels, giving every member of the family the opportunity for a private retreat. Townhomes are designed to maximise space, often more efficiently than a traditional home.

Townhomes are designed with sensible floorplans, built with convenience in mind, and styled with modern textures and palettes in keeping with current design trends. Residents of townhomes enjoy the ease of living, with plenty of storage, quality fixtures and finishes, and stylish interiors. This means less time spent on home maintenance, cleaning and decorating, and more time spent with family, enjoying life’s pleasures.

Many home buyers fear the loss of the Aussie backyard, however, that is simply not the case with townhome living. Townhomes are designed with outdoor entertaining in mind, with alfresco courtyards ideal for outdoor dining, and low maintenance gardens spacious enough for children to play. Outdoor spaces are designed for enjoyment and are purposely landscaped for easy care, meaning less time mowing lawns and weeding gardens.

The most obvious benefit of townhome living is cost. Townhomes can be a more affordable outright option for home buyers, as the home sits on a smaller parcel of land compared to a traditional home, and there are efficiencies found when a builder is constructing several townhomes at one time. However, ongoing living costs are also lower with heating and cooling generally more efficient within a modern floorplan design, lower council rates, and much less maintenance.

Explore our collections of modern and purpose-built townhomes – you may be surprised at just how suitable a townhome is for your family and lifestyle.


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